Distinguished Alumnus Award

Nominations due May 31, 2019

For nominations contact Genevieve Wooden.

The Leadership Jefferson County Alumni Association, (LJCAA) is comprised of graduates of the Leadership Jefferson County program. LJCAA’s goal is to continue leadership development through on-going programs and networking events, to raise funds for scholarships for Leadership Jefferson County and to nurture the leadership skills of graduates. Becoming a part of the LJCAA enhances relationships established in the Leadership Program. Continue your Leadership Jefferson County experience through LJCAA!

LJCAA Distinguished Alumnus Nomination -2019

Membership has its rewards:
  • Social Events: opportunities to interact with members from prior and future classes
  • Learning Events: participate in Association sponsored events
  • Stay in touch with other alumni
  • Support LJC scholarships
  • Renew friendships at class sponsored events
  • Stay Involved: serve on a committee or build on past and future class projects

Alumni Co-Chairs:
Marta Murray & Jim Everson

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For more information about the Leadership Alumni Association, please contact Genevieve Wooden, leadershipjeffco@westmetrochamber.org.

Member Stories

Josh Caucutt, Edward Jones

“I believe that a West Metro Chamber of Commerce membership is an essential tool for long term business growth in Jefferson County. The networking events are well-attended and vibrant, providing a forum that is favorable to connecting with the right people. The relationships and friendships formed through the WMCoC are invaluable both in meeting clients and in meeting the needs of those clients.”

Josh Caucutt, Edward Jones