What does it take to be a LEADER in your business? How do you rise above the rest? This program is for members to connect with one another and share best practices, business advice, and networking with fellow leaders along the way.

L.I.V.E. stands for “Learning –  Innovative – Virtual – Easy”.

Speaking opportunity: Reach out to Madison at madison@westmetrochamber.org to learn how you can host your own 10 – 20 minute West Metro Chamber Leadership LIVE this year! It’s only $50 to be a speaker and your workshop will be on our website, recorded, posted on social media platforms, posted on YouTube in our LIVE playlist, prominent logo placement, and more! First come, first serve. Choose your month now!

Member Stories

Erika Holley, Marketing Consultant and Business Owner

Joining the West Metro Chamber has been one of the greatest investments I have made over the past couple of years. I have connected with some of the most amazing and inspiring business minds, I have more than doubled my business, and I have made some truly incredible lasting friendships and business relationships that will guarantee I will continue to benefit from my membership.

Erika Holley, Marketing Consultant and Business Owner